raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Saturday, January 19, 2013

thankful day fourteen

Today's blessing:
My mom is visiting for the weekend!

Sometimes, a girl just needs some quality mother-daughter time. I hope my girl enjoys spending time with me as much as I enjoy spending it with my mom! We share a lot of common interests, particularly when it involves products that can be purchased at stores like JoAnn's or Michael's. This weekend, we're trying to sew an alb (that long robe worn by a pastor or priest - aka my hubby). On a future to do list is the complementary set of stoles. Also, pretty dresses and dress up clothes for one little girl, homemade greeting cards, and various crocheted projects (maybe).

One thing is certain - my girl is raising a mommy who is so grateful for role models.

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  1. We didn't get everything accomplished, but I'm really glad I drove up anyway!!