raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

thankful day eleven

Today's blessing:

Every now and then I find some, and when I do, it's wonderful! When I was in college the only thing that could get me out of bed early was a run. If I had lots of homework to do, I knew I better stay up late and get it all done, because when my alarm went off in the morning there was no way. But if I had a meeting or extra rehearsal or something that interfered with cross country or track practice, you better believe I would be running down the River Road at 5:30 so I could fit in my miles before 8 am class.

Now there are two things that can get me out of bed before the absolute last possible moment or sometimes five minutes after that. One hasn't changed. I'm proud to say that there have been several days this month that I have been waiting in the parking lot before 5:00 am for the Y to open. It feels so good to start the day off by breaking a sweat. My college running coach always used to say, "Now you can be proud if yourself all day."

I would be willing to bet you can guess the other thing that will get me out of my wonderful cozy bed...she's small(ish), has dark hair and blue eyes, and melts my heart every time she says, "Mama!" She's my P, and she is raising one disciplined mommy!

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