raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Monday, August 13, 2012

on our own...sort of!

Today's blessing:
My little brother who makes me a bowl of Malt-o-meal before bed when I visit.

So Daddy's gone for three and a half weeks, leaving the girls to fend for themselves. Two years ago when we started planning this trip to Africa, we had been thinking that we would go together and the baby would come later...more like 9 months from now! However, there was a bigger plan in store, and we were reminded of that in no uncertain terms! Which means my hubby is in Tanzania leading the mission trip, and P and I are on our own. With friends. And my family. And in-laws. Okay, so we haven't actually had more than one or two nights to ourselves since he left nearly three weeks ago, but that's more than okay with me!

Our baby girls is six months old...how crazy is that?! I'm pretty sure it was just last week that I was eight months pregnant. She's doing all kinds of crazy fun things...rolling like a fiend (I'm not sure she's actually going to crawl - she may just roll everywhere she wants to go!), reaching for toys, smiling and laughing, eating cereal, wearing cereal, and the list goes on. She's so much more interactive than she was even a month ago. I'm always amazed when people tell me how awesome it gets at months seven, eight, and nine. Can it possibly get better than it is right now? Of course, I would have said the same thing at three weeks when she woke me up every two hours through the night to eat.

I have a friend who, when you ask him how he's doing, he answers with "best day of my life so far." How cool is that? Every day with P really is better than the last...and it's so cool to think that the next couple weeks, months, and years will bring so many more amazing and rewarding experiences. What a blessing.