raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Sunday, February 9, 2014

our little girl: two years

Egad! Really? Two years?! Her birthday this year came and went without much fanfare, which is probably best, because the poor thing was sick. Heartbreaking. I think we'll do a mini-celebration sometime next week with just the three of us, because I want to make my kid a cake, and she hasn't gotten a present from mommy and daddy yet!

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Can name at least six body parts on a doll: Six? Well, we’ve got hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, neck, belly, shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, fingernails, legs, feet, and toes. Today she added “toe fingernails,” but I don’t think I’d count that.

Half of speech is understandable: Just about all of it is understandable to me, but I’d say half to three-quarters of it is understandable to most people.

Can make short sentences: Does “I want to be a pendulum, please” count as a short sentence?

Emerging Skills (half of children can do)
Starts talking about self: Yeah, but she doesn’t always get the pronouns right. She usually says “I pick you up” or “You don’t like it” or things like that when talking about herself. But I think I’ll give her another year and a half or so before I start getting overly concerned about her pronouns!

Can arrange things in categories: We haven’t really tried this.  She knows most of her colors and a lot of animals, so she probably could.

Can walk down stairs: If they’re not too steep and her mommy will let her! Also, if there’s something she can hold onto, she usually does pretty well.

Advanced Skills (a few children can do)
Begins to understand abstract concepts like sooner and later: I think she sort of gets this. If we say something like “You can watch the movie later, but now we’re going to read a book,” then she’ll put the movie down and go find a book to read. She doesn't always prompt us to return to the movie when it actually is later, but we’re trying to be consistent so she learns!

Becomes attuned to gender differences: I think she’s starting to get this. We’ve worked a little bit on “Miss” and “Mister” with her. She pretty much just calls everyone “friend.”

Learns to jump: And she can usually even get both feet off the ground!

Other things you might want to know:
-P took her first, second, and third plane rides in the past month, and was a rock start on each one - even the red eye!
-She pretty much doesn't sit in her booster seat anymore. Little Miss Independent!
-She knows the basic colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. She usually gets black and white, too. She's a pretty smart kid!
-We had another fabulous photo shoot with Ellie last weekend, and I look forward to sharing pictures with you soon!

Favorite new words and phrases:
-She learned about pendulums. She loves it when daddy picks her up by her feet and makes her a pendulum. Hence the phrase "I want to be a pendulum, please!" I'm not even kidding.
-Her vocabulary increases so much these days, that I can't even keep track of new words anymore.

One of her new favorite foods: bagel with cream cheese

In January, we got to spend a whole week with Grandma, Grandpa, and Little Uncle E. Here's P and E bonding, doing one of E's favorite things: rocking.

P learned about "baby inside." Thankfully, our friend was very patient with P wanting to touch the "baby inside" all the time, and trying to get mommy to do it, too.

She takes after her Auntie J. Oh dear.

Grammy and Ong Noi took the three of us to Las Vegas for a few days, and P had a blast. Her favorite parts were the giant aquarium at Silverton and the fountain show at the Bellagio. She wanted to see the "dancing water and the music" every day, several times a day.