raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Friday, May 3, 2013

fmf: brave

Today's prompt: Brave


Small as it may seem, this Five Minute Friday mission is a big step for me. I am too much of a perfectionist sometimes, especially when it comes to writing. I want to get all of the words exactly right. I can't tell you how many times I've deleted a post because I couldn't seem to convey every thought perfectly how I wanted them.

But perfectionism is not the point. Sometimes there is a message that needs to be shared, and if I wait until I can do it "right" I may never get it out there. Today's FMF word is "brave." I am giving this post to you completely unedited. It goes against so many of my normal tendencies that I'm a little nervous for it, but here goes.

Friends, don't be afraid to dive into something new just because you're afraid you won't be able to do it "right." If it's something you love - something that brings you joy - then just do it! If you wait until you can do it perfectly, it will never get done. I promise.


This is my new experiment, and I think I had fun with it! Check out Lisa Jo Baker's blog for more info or to join in the fun yourself. And thanks to Anna over at girl with blog for introducing this to me!

Five Minute Friday


  1. What a great post! It's a little ironic actually. I'm having trouble finishing some paintings I have been working on. You are so right! It'll never get done if I want them to be perfect. :) Thanks for the post. I needed it.