raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Saturday, May 18, 2013

baby's first race

Today's blessings:
A rain cover for my jogging stroller
The kind man who helped me get P over the log in the middle of the course...twice!

It's a good thing my kid is pretty easy going. I would be willing to bet that not many 15 month olds would be content to sit in a jogging stroller for 42 minutes (42! I'm pretty sure we did the big loop twice and ran extra!) going over the bumps and rocks and roots so mommy can say they ran their first 5k together! Did I mention that it's mid-50s and raining? What a trooper!

I know it may sound silly to some, but this was a really cool thing for me. My dad and I used to run together. I was in 6th grade when we ran our first 5k and he ran his first marathon. We said once that we were going to run a marathon together in Hawaii. He doesn't run anymore, but I still haven't ruled it out. Maybe P could run in his place and he can cheer us on from the sidelines.

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