raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Sunday, June 30, 2013

our weekend in pictures

Today's blessing:
Sunshine and being outside.
Nearly all day.

What a gorgeous weekend, friends. I really don't think the weather could have been better. My in-laws have a cabin up north, so we decided to take a few days and relax up there. (By "a few days" I mean really just one day. This mama had to work until 4:00 on Friday, and we figured it would be easiest to make the drive home during nap time, so that meant leaving today at noon. But it was still nice!) Here's a little taste of our weekend:
Driving the boat with Ong Noi! (Vietnamese for Grandpa) She was just getting used to the life jacket. She was not a fan!

Miss Independent wanted to drive herself!
Playing in the garden

Wagon rides with her new boyfriend. Yes, he is holding onto her foot.

How cute, right?

Strawberry shortcake...probably one of the greatest desserts ever.

Back home and swimming in her elephant pool

And finally, enjoying her new toy. Completely ridiculous and unnecessary? Absolutely! But apparently that's what grandparents are for. And you really can't argue...she sure is cute in there!

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