raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Friday, June 21, 2013

fmf: rhythm

Today's prompt: Rhythm


First, this post is probably going to be significantly shorter than my other fmf posts, because rhythm is a difficult word to type. Also, I'm going on not a whole lot of sleep. Why? Well, I do have a 16 month old daughter. The little dear decided that she didn't really want to sleep last night, so she was up from about 12:30 until 4:00 or so. I am lucky enough to have the greatest husband ever, who took the 1:30-3:30 shift so I could get a little more sleep and be somewhat awake for work this morning, but still...motherhood is hard!

I guess I thought that by the time she was this age I would have my rhythm. I would be in a routine: wake up, snuggle, go to work, come home, snuggle, magically have dinner on the table without any prep time so I don't miss out on my snuggle/play time, spend 10 minutes cleaning up, snuggle, play, bedtime. Right? That's how it goes?

While I'm still struggling to find my rhythm and get everything down, I have figured out a few things. The dirty dishes can stay for one more night. Yes, the pile will be a little bigger tomorrow, but so will P. Laundry can sit in the hamper for another hour on Saturday so I can play in the sand box until nap time.  In the last few weeks (days? hours? seconds? I can't really tell anymore!) my baby has turned from a baby into a toddler, or maybe, dare I say it, even a little girl. She's becoming more independent (and she was always a do-it-myself kind of girl). She can climb
and entertain herself
and attempt to put her shoes and clothes on.
Her proportions are changing and she doesn't even look like a baby anymore.

It's a little lot scary.

Yes, finding balance and the right rhythm is important, but it's not going to happen overnight. It might not even happen over 16 months. Maybe two years. Maybe three. Maybe I'll get into my rhythm just in time for the next kid to throw it all off. Then I'll start all over again and remind myself to cherish every smile and cry and yogurt smeared face (and hand and belly, because she refuses to let us feed her and hasn't quite mastered the spoon!). Yes, even those 4:00 am smiles are beautiful.


Okay, so I went a little longer than five minutes today. It was just flowing, so I wasn't about to stop! The pictures were added after because, well, they're really cute! Moms, I'd love to hear what helped you find your rhythm...leave a comment and help this new mommy out!

Five Minute Friday


  1. Your daughter seems like quite the strong-willed little lady. :) I'm not a mom, but I'm always amazed at how you guys do it! Keep a job and a home and a husband and a kid and no one is starving or lost (at least not that often:)) You may feel like you don't have a rhythm down, but just the point that you are DOING IT is awesome enough. :)

  2. she is beautiful - and as the mother of an 11 yr old boy and a nearly 8 yr old girl... you kinda find your rhythm in the unrhythm of life - kids teach us so much eh and stretch our character and heart! i (am still learning!) try and take the moments as they come - the past fortnight i've had sick kids home from school and my to do list has sat there neglected... my rhythm has been snugles and barbie movies and rugby games on tv (my son!) and tissues and afternoon naps. you're doing great - the most important thing is to love and be loved. blessings, Claire (after you on FMF)

  3. i just love the title of your blog - our kids often do more of the raising of parents than the other way around, eh?

    she's gorgeous, too!

  4. Sounds like you have found a lovely beat of mother hood.

  5. Your daughter is precious. As an "older mom" with children ages 22, 19, 13 and 10, I can testify that your rhythm will find you, when you least expect. You will settle into this life and it will be amazing (not that it isn't already). Thanks for sharing and hope you are sleeping better!

  6. Sounds to me like you've got the beat! You are on the right track :)