raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

our baby girl: 16 months

I've decided that it's a good time for me to start doing monthly updates. We'll be moving in a couple months, and I'm sure there is a person or two who will want to know what the little monkey is up to! (There are also some pretty important people who currently live far away who I'm sure would appreciate the updates!) Plus, what mama doesn't want an excuse to brag about her kid? Here is P's 16 month update:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Turns the pages of a book: Absolutely. Usually before all the words have been read. She's not the most patient child!
Has temper tantrums when frustrated: Not really. When she gets upset, she usually says "owie" and whines a little, and that's about it. Unless she's really tired, then all bets are off!
Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object: Yes, but it changes daily. Sometimes it's baby, sometimes it's Elmo, sometimes it's blankie. There's not really any one "lovey."

Emerging Skills (half of children can do)
Discovers joys of climbing: She's a pro at the climbing part. It's the getting back down part that she hasn't quite mastered. She's good at asking for help, though!
Stacks three bricks: She tries to stack her Duplo blocks on top of each other. Now I'm thinking we should dig her blocks out of her toy box!
Learns the correct way to use common objects (e.g. the telephone): Pretty much everything is used as a telephone: toy hammers, rattles, books, graham crackers...but yes, also telephones!

Advanced Skills (a few children can do)
Takes off one piece of clothing by herself: Shirt, socks, and shoes. She hasn't figured out how to remove the pants, but that's quite alright!
Gets fussy about food: She's pretty easy to feed. She loves most fruits and veggies, crackers, cheese, milk and water...and of course, cookies and cake!
Switches from two daytime naps to one: HAHAHAHA! I don't think she's taken two naps since she was about nine months, if then...

Other things you might want to know:
-She has slept through the night three times in the last week, but I don't have high hopes that it will stick.
-She's up to eight teeth, and we don't mind at all that she's taking her time!
-She loves running with mommy, playing in her sandbox, chasing birds, and doing pretty much anything outside.

I would share a word list with you, but there are too many to list. Instead, I'll share words that we now try to avoid saying, because when she says them, they sound like something else:

In short, she is clearly one special kid - pretty much a genius on all levels.

Yogurt as finger food
We haven't quite mastered the spoon yet...
But she is a pro at the slide! Daddy's only there for moral support. She doesn't actually need any help.
Apparently she's ready for something that mom and dad are not ready for.

The girl loves cookies. Can you blame her?
My hubby and I celebrated our fifth anniversary at the end of May. We went up to the North Shore for a few days and only managed to get one family picture at Gooseberry Falls. You can sort of see the falls in the left corner. P absolutely loved it!

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