raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Friday, June 28, 2013

fmf: in between

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Today's prompt: In Between


I am currently living in the "in between." In six weeks, I will be done with my current job. (Sad day!) Two weeks after that, I will be moving to a new place - a new town, a new home - where I know no one. Exciting? Absolutely! Scary? A little...

I am fortunate enough to have an automatic network when I move. My husband will be the intern pastor at some churches down there, and we will be thrown into a brand new culture. I grew up in a smallish town (about 10,000 people). Husband has never lived outside of the big city. Moving to Farmland, USA, is going to be quite a change for both of us...the pace of life, having to drive 20 minutes to go anywhere, being surrounded by fields and wind farms and openness...amazing...

Now, I have to figure out how to live in the in between. How to enjoy the rest of my time here, to stay invested in my relationships, to not check out before I leave. All of this while packing up our home, planning for a new start, thinking about new job opportunities (or staying home with baby opportunities...), and dreaming about a four bedroom home...


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  1. vising from FMF's linkup. Sounds like you are heading into alot of unknowns...so thankful that you see this as something of a journey of discovery. So many new things, which are difficult when there is such comfort in what is known...but one day this new stuff will be what is known too. pray that you will make new friends and come to love this new stage that you are in.

  2. All the best Andrea! Hope its even better than expected and God has some wonderful new friends and opportunities waiting for you...