raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Monday, September 9, 2013

our little girl: 19 months

What's this? Two entries in one day? Amazing! Be sure to check out this entry where I share about blogging for a cause!

P constantly amazes us with the new skills she's developed and words she's learned. The rate of development at this age is absolutely mind blowing, and I feel so blessed that I am able to witness so much of it. Husband was gone for a week at a churchwide conference, and when he came back, her speech took another huge leap forward. Amazing.

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Can use a spoon and fork: And she insists on it! This girl eats everything with a fork. She doesn't seem to enjoy getting her hands dirty or sticky.

Can run: It's slowing her down that's the hard part!

Can throw a ball underarm: Hmm...not so much. She's got the overhand pass down, though.

Emerging Skills (half of children can do)
Half of speech may be understandable: This is a tough one. She "talks" so much, that to expect us to understand half of it would be bit unreasonable. I think we probably understand about half of what she tells us. The babbling she does when she "talks" to her toys and babies...no way!

Recognizes when something is wrong (calling a dog or cat): I'm not sure what this means...she calls them as though she wants to protect them? If daddy and I are both with her (just playing, or especially during bedtime routine) she usually seems concerned if the puppy is not with us. So I guess I'll go with yes on this one, too.

Advanced Skills (a few children can do)
Can wash and dry hands and brush teeth with help: Absolutely, and she loves it. She washes her hands and face, then reaches for the towel and says "die die die!" (Which we hope means dry. Otherwise she really hates our towels.) We still help her brush her teeth, but she's getting better at doing it herself after we're done helping her!

Can point to a picture of a cat or dog when you say the word: Um, yes. And many other animals, as well. Animals are kind of her forte.

May know when she needs to urinate: If she does, she doesn't tell us yet. She loves sitting on her potty, though. Sometimes she tells us after she goes potty when she needs her diaper changed. She really seems to be gaining interest in this, so maybe we'll have more progress by the next update! I think Grandma might be ordering her some Best Bottoms training pants from Nicki's Diapers soon...click the link at the top right to do some of your own shopping and support me at the same time!

Other things you might want to know:
-P has been loving our new home. She has her own bedroom for all of her toys, and also a living room for all of her toys. And a bathroom for many of her toys. And a yard. She's kind of taken over. She sure seems to enjoy it!
-We've seen our first glimpses of the tantrums. They haven't gotten too bad yet - usually just when she wants milk right before a meal and we want to hold off for another ten minutes until supper so she doesn't fill up on milk! I guess if she's going to cry and whine for anything, milk is about the best I could ask for!
-We have a swing set behind our new home, and she has been enjoying that. She was a little tentative at first, but she loves it now!
-She loves to talk on the phone. Whenever she gets her hands on my phone or a TV remote or anything that remotely resembles a phone, it's "Call Gamma? Call Gampa? Call Daddy?"

Favorite new words she's saying:
In the middle of church this weekend she whipped out "Bible." Pretty awesome timing. Then she frantically requested to read her Bible before we laid her down in her crib tonight. We don't usually read that many stories, but how are you going to say no to that? She's also learning how to pray. Usually it's "Dear God, thank you for sunshine and for daddy and mommy and puppy. Amen!" Then she says "and puppy. A-men!" Tonight she added "and ducky!"

First sewing lesson with "Gamma"

Learning how to golf. "Gampa" was so proud...

First trip to the zoo. She was a little overwhelmed, but she loved the monkeys, gorillas (she even pounds on her chest when you ask what a gorilla does), and polar bears.

"Helping" mommy set the table. What would I do without her?

Once she got used to it, there was no stopping her...

She's never actually produced anything on her potty, but she sure loves sitting on it. I keep a pack of fruit snacks in my back pocket just in case I need to whip out a quick reward!

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