raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Friday, March 28, 2014

fmf: mighty

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Today's prompt: Mighty


"Motherhood is the holy, grueling work of being refined by the fire of sleep deprivation."
-Lisa Jo Baker

Wow, now isn't that something. You've heard of baptism by fire, jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, etc etc etc. Motherhood is so much. It is gentle and loving and generous, yes. But it is also exhausting, grueling, difficult, sometimes nearly impossible. There's a fire in it.

And that is what makes us mighty.

It's not that we aren't afraid to mother the child or make the life-long irreversible commitment. Sometimes it's not even motherhood specifically. Sometimes, it's not that we're not afraid to take the leap to sign up for that race even if we're no where near in shape for it yet. Or call that person that we met at church or playgroup or the gym and actually set up that playdate (and that's especially hard for awkward little me!). Or write that book even if we don't really believe that people will want to read it or that we're ready to share that part of us. It's not that we're not afraid.

We're just mighty.


Five Minute Friday


  1. It certainly does take a mighty woman to mother well, Andrea. And all praise and glory to a mighty God to equip us! Blessings.

  2. Oh! You reminded me that I need to look for a race to sign up for :). Seriously--I've been training with no goal in sight (silly, I know). Thank you for the reminder that we are all mighty in God's power--not to be confused with thinking we are almighty ;).

  3. Hi again. Visiting from FmF. Your little girl must be growing up fast now. Haven't visited in a while. Mothers are Mighty creatures. Taking on the world. Like your 5 min post, as always. And Andrea, you are mot 'little me' you are a mighty strong woman - like everyone around these these blogs.
    Take care,
    Patricia (http://mojitoandme.com)