raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Today's blessing:
Human interaction - I don't need a whole lot of it, but I do need some!

For some reason, this word has been weighing on my heart lately. Perhaps it's the lack of physical face-to-face fellowship I've experienced lately. Don't get me wrong - I don't really mind all that much. I'm not a big people person. I'm not one of those who needs human interaction in order to thrive. Of course I like spending time with people I like, but I don't mind going a whole day seeing no one but my hubby and kid.

But fellowship...that's important.

What is fellowship, exactly? It's more than just having people around for company. It's more than being in the same room as a group of people, even if you have similar interests and happen to be talking about the same topic. I learned about fellowship in college. I have my friend, Hannah, to thank, for convincing me to come to my first FCA meeting my freshman year. (FCA=Fellowship of Christian Athletes.) While there were very few of us in the group who were actually still actively involved in athletics, it was still some of the best (and certainly most enriching) fellowship time that I can remember.

To me,
fellowship is Carl and Josh with their guitars leading us in worship music, with Kevin singing (horribly off-key, which I love about him!) behind me.

fellowship is Anna closing her eyes, grin spread wide across her beaming face, leading us in an earnest prayer.

fellowship is laughing, then crying, then laughing again, all within a five minute span, then doing it all over again, sometimes not even knowing why you're laughing or crying.

fellowship is the duct tape olympics - being duct taped to a wall by your team and staying up just longer than your roommate to win the round.

fellowship is VeggieTales during finals.

fellowship is milk and cookies.

What does your fellowship look like?


  1. isn't fellowship wonderful? It's something I'm finding less and less in church and more and more with religious friends...does that make any sense?

    fellowship is bearing your soul to others and them accepting it...drying your tears, offering a prayer or Communion. fellowship is friends feeling free enough to bear their soul to you... and when the tears are dried, continue EATING! and laughing and talking about those things you couldn't talk about with anyone else. It's about taking care of each other. It's about getting to know each other...really. It's about talking God. Not just Scripture or religion....but GOD. It's about celebrating with each other when we're up and mourning with each other when we're down. It's about being there. And this is too good not to share... I know what my new blog post is! :)

  2. http://learningtogrowdaringtolove.blogspot.com/2014/04/fellowship.html