raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Thursday, January 9, 2014

fmf: see

It's been over a month since my last Five Minute Friday post, and I've been suffering from withdrawls!

Here are the rules:
1. Write for five minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.
2. Link back to Lisa Jo Baker's blog with the rest of the Five Minute Friday-ers.
3. Comment on the person who linked up before you.

Please join us!

Today's prompt: See


A challenge indeed, Lisa Jo Baker. I've been away for awhile, so I was hoping for a word that would ease me back into things. I guess there's nothing quite like jumping in with both feet!

What are some of the coolest things you've ever seen? Really, I actually want to know! Here are my top however many I can write in five minutes:

  1. When I went in for my first ultrasound, Husband and I were expecting to see the little seahorse/tadpole character. We thought we were 8 weeks along, but were actually 15. You can imagine the surprise when the view was actually a face and hands!
  2. My kiddo (no longer a baby, barely even a toddler, sniffle) put her doll to bed the same way Daddy and I put her to bed, complete with her own not quite two year old version of "You are my Sunshine." Tears!
  3. Friends and un-biological family from all over the world. Uppies, Tanzanians, you know who you are, and I love you all!
  4. The clock at the end of my last half marathon reading under two hours as I crossed the finish line. Time goal: achieved. I can relax and have fun from now on!
  5. My nativity set from Tanzania because, well, the people aren't white. What a concept. I'm actually in the market for an ethnically correct nativity set...any leads?
  6. People join together on Thursday evenings for a #fmfparty, welcoming the timid(ish) and overwhelmed with open arms!

Your turn! For real! What makes your list?


Five Minute Friday


  1. That is quite the list friend... And so glad you joined us for the party tonight!!! Number 2 just melted my heart into a big ol' puddle!! {hugs}

  2. What a fun list! I wish I could steal your idea and rewrite my post, but alas. No editing. :) I've been absent for about a month, too...it's so good to be back. Happy Friday to you, friend! :)

  3. So glad you found your way into #fmfparty - they're a lovely bunch =) I didn't know that part of your pregnancy story! That's amazing! Thanks for the list tonight. Going to make my own little list as I settle into bed - thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Paige surprises us daily, but her first, and without a doubt her biggest, surprise was her very existence!

  4. Beautiful. #2 makes me smile, and #4 is a kick in the butt. :)

    God is so good to give us such an abundant life full of blessings.

  5. It's so great that you got a hands and face when expecting a little tadpole. And so sweet that your baby girl placed her mini me's bed right next to her own bed. Have a happy weekend, Andrea.