raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Monday, November 4, 2013

"no, stay mommy!"

Today's blessing:
Tiny arms wrapped around your neck with a death grip

We've had a sick toddler for the last few days. It's pretty heartbreaking, but it comes with it's blessings, too. For one thing, I'm getting plenty of snuggle time. We actually sat on the couch and watched an entire movie together - her head resting on my chest, my arms wrapped around her, under piles of wonderful homemade blankets and one wonderful store bought $5 green WalMart blanket that she has made her "lovey."

It was about 3 am, and I'd been rocking her for probably 30 minutes - maybe more; at that time of night it's nearly impossible to tell. Her grip on me was relaxed, her breathing was regular, and she was no longer doing that thumb sucking thing she does when she's on the brink of sleep. So I stood up, walked over to her crib, and repositioned my arms to lay her down. She threw her little arms around me tightly and mumbled "No, stay mommy!" (Meaning "Stay with mommy.") I gave it a few seconds, peeled her arms off of me, and layed her down. The breathing resumed and she rolled over, thumb in mouth, still sound asleep.

That's when I realized that "No, stay mommy!" is her instinct. Even in her unconscious state, she threw her arms around me tightly and asked for me. I watched her, laying there with her soft round cheeks, mess of brown hair, and Minnie Mouse jammies, and I enjoyed my little piece of heaven for a few moments.

Then she let out a nice, loud snore.

She is, after all, her father's daughter.

She's just so dainty...

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