raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Thursday, August 15, 2013

mission statement: part two

Today's blessing:

Some of you may remember several months ago when I said I wanted to come up with a mission statement for my blog. Well, I've been giving it a lot of thought, (also, I kind of forgot) and I am ready to move forward. What is the purpose of this little space on the internet?

Well, it really only makes sense for me to write about the things I'm passionate about. (Or "about which I'm passionate" if you're a stickler for grammar. Which I am. However, that is not going to be a regular topic on my blog. Maybe just occasionally. Perhaps in the form of a guest post from my baby brother, who is, in many ways, a younger, male version of me. And yes, I do realize that I included several sentence fragments in this paragraph. That is not something that bothers me quite as much, as long as it's done effectively.)

And I digress...

What am I passionate about? (About what am I passionate?)
my little girl
my husband
(not necessarily in that order!)

What do I want to do for people?
encourage them
make them smile
make them laugh

What other things do I enjoy that could possibly lend themselves to occasional posts or topics of conversation?
crafts (especially quilting and crocheting)

(Side note, or underneath note if you want to be literal: I originally had running and singing in the passionate section. Upon reflection, I realized that they're not as important to me as I once thought. Several years ago they would have been up there. Isn't it funny how priorities change?)

So how to work this into a mission statement?

Well, I created this blog as a way to share the joys of parenting. That in itself is hopefully encouraging. I read lots of blogs that are fantastic about encouraging you when you're feeling tired and down. They are wonderful. I could probably write something like that, but there are already others who do it so well! Anna at Girl With Blog, Sarah Mae, and Lisa Jo Baker are a few of my favorites.

Sometimes I can be funny. Well, amusing is probably a more accurate word. I'm not going to make you roll on the floor or put you in danger of wetting your pants, but I can evoke the occasional chuckle. Ask my Up With People friends about my city runner reports. I was funny. And I liked being funny! It's more of a challenge for me than being sappy, but I'm up for that. I haven't done much of it so far, at least not intentionally, so this is going to be like a mini-revamp or relaunch of my blog. So I think my purpose going forward will be to "share the joys of motherhood with a touch of humor." That's a little bit of pressure; we're getting serious here. Ready? Go!

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