raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Thursday, July 11, 2013

our little girl: 17 months

I'm not quite sure where the last 17 months have gone, but here is another update for you!
Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Uses a handful of words regularly: Yes, big handfuls. Several of them.
Enjoys pretend games: I'm not exactly sure what this means...she enjoys games. And giggling. I don't know that she does much pretending...
Likes riding toys: Very much. We worked on pedaling her trike this weekend. Her legs aren't quite long enough, but she's getting so close!

Emerging Skills (half of children can do)
Responds to directions: Hmm...she understands the directions, but she doesn't always do them. She did take a bit of a tumble off of a dining room chair last night after not listening when daddy told her to sit down, so that might scare her into listening for awhile...
Feeds doll: Not that I've noticed. I think she's offered her sippy cup to her dolls, but nothing beyond that.
Talks more clearly: She's got the talking thing down like a little pro.

Advanced Skills (a few children can do)
Dances to music: And boy is it cute! She kind of bounces up and down. We first saw this when we were watching the Tony awards awhile ago.
Sorts toys by color, shape, or size: Not yet. I think she's too impatient for this one still!
Kicks ball forward: She sure tries! She often misses or partially misses and ends up falling on her butt. I think it's cute. She does not.

Other things you might want to know:
-She is sleeping through the night fairly regularly. I would way more often than not. Mommy loves this. So does daddy.
-She's made up a new game. Daddy or I will hold her, then she'll look at the other parent, hold out her arms, and say "hug!" over and over until the other parent comes and sandwiches her in a hug. She repeats this seven or eight times, giggling all the while. It's a wonderful game!
-I mistakenly wrote in her 16 month update that she had eight teeth. That was not true; she had six. Now she has eight, though!

New words she's saying:
There are too many to count, but some of my favorites are "coffee," "diaper," and "purse."
Not only does she help mommy put away clean dishes, but she helps set the table!

She toddles around the living room chanting "night night, baby" and smothering her doll with Elmo pajamas. Darling.

Isn't that hair too much? I can hardly stand it!

The awesome stroller that Auntie got at a garage sale and painted for her. Yes, she could very well be a future Auggie.

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