raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Thursday, June 5, 2014

fmf: hands

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Today's prompt: Hands


"Do you want to use my hands?"

This is one of the cutest things my two year old says. There are a lot of cutest things (earlier this week, "I want to snuggle with your face!"), but I do love this one. Basically, it means she wants to hold my hand. Or she wants me to stroke her head, pat her knee...basically, she just wants contact with her mommy.

This leads me to wonder:

How do I use my hands on a daily basis?

Right now they're dry from the load of dishes that hubby and I just washed.

Tomorrow morning, I hope they will be dirt streaked from planting my indoor herb garden. (Tips welcome; I have no idea what I'm doing!)

I use them to stir my morning coffee, prepare meals for my family, drive a car, pet a dog, pack a box...

My mind keeps going back to the phrase the ELCA has adopted: God's work. Our hands.

Now that's quite a commission.

Do your hands do God's work? Sometimes it's as obvious as helping an elderly person carry their groceries to their car. Sometimes it's as unglamorous as changing a messy diaper or as simple as holding open a door.

God's work. Our hands.

Ready? Go.


Five Minute Friday


  1. Oh! Thank you for reminding me that my hands are His hands. How I use them reflect my Savior. Loving. Giving. Serving. God's work. Our hands.

  2. Love this, friend. What a great reminder that my hands should always be used for Him. :) And I had to smile when you talked about the cute things your kiddo says. My girl's favorite right now is, "I want to keep you." :) Happy Friday!

  3. Our children say the loveliest things - they warm the heart. Your girl's phrases made me smile. And this reminder to be the hands and feet - do do His work - I thank you for it.

  4. I love the song by Audio Adrenaline- "Hands and Feet" ... I wanna be HIS hands...!! Your post made me start singing it out loud :)

    Happy FMF day!!