raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Thursday, May 8, 2014

fmf: grateful

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Today's prompt: Grateful


So my husband has started this new thing (well, not super new, but he's being more intentional about it), and it's pretty wonderful. He's a pretty great guy, and he's had some really great mentors who have helped him become the stellar human being he is.

He's always been good about thanking me for what I do. Some days it doesn't feel like much, but he finds something for which he is grateful, and makes sure I know about it. Even if it's just laundry, which I actually don't mind doing, he thanks me.

I think I'm just doing my job - nothing more than what is expected of me. But he can see the love in that.

Love is always having clean underwear and socks.

Love is not having to wash a plate quick to eat a snack because they're all dirty.

Love is noticing the little things and being thoughtful enough to say "thank you".

I'm so grateful to have such a great guy!

Tell someone today you're grateful for what they do; it'll make their day!


Five Minute Friday


  1. What a blessing to be thanked for the "everyday" sort of things you do. He's a keeper ;)

  2. I'll be doing that right now (he's sitting right beside me as I type this). Love this! So sweet. :)

  3. So grateful for my awesome hubby too! There ARE some good men out there!

    Linked up with FMF- enjoyed your post!