raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Friday, September 9, 2016

fmf: heal

Here are the rules:
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Please join us!

Today's prompt: heal

Oh, Kate. It's like you are speaking to my soul.

This week as been one of healing. Last week, I did not like my path. Today, I'm still not crazy about parts of it. But I'm healing.

Aside from my amazing support system, here is the most important factor that is helping me heal: I've been able to help others.

I have a friend who's in a tough spot. She's going through some really hard stuff, and it's hard on her friends and family, too. While I haven't been as close to her lately, we will always be nearly birthday buddies, and I can still be there for her while she continues her long journey of healing. And something else, perhaps just as important: I am here for those who are close to her. Don't forget the father of the baby that was miscarried. Don't forget the friends and family of the one diagnosed with cancer. Don't forget the loved ones who just watched their daugher/son/brother/sister/friend just attempt to take her own life. They, too, need help to heal.



  1. Praise God for the healing! Honest writing, Andrea. I LOVE that through your healing, you are able to pure into others :)

  2. THIS: "Here is the most important factor that is helping me heal: I've been able to help others." So true!
    Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend!
    Shauna (from FMF#55 today)