raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

a photo update

Today's blessing
Air conditioning

I don't think I've shared a single picture of the kids since my April update, so here are just a few highlights from the last three months:

Don't they look like they're plotting something?

It's hard to be upset about 3am feedings when you have this little guy snuggling with you!

M has discovered that he loves to swing.

Yes, she ate the whole thing.

P made a new friend at Great Grandpa and Great Grandma's.

Dad of the year!

Playing at the park with Grammy

Oh hi, thigh rolls!

On the way home from Daddy's baccalaureate service. P dressed herself.

Baby M, loving the swings!

Just this.

Daddy's a Master of Divinity!

Happy graduation, Daddy!
More toys, please!

Putt putt P!

There's nothing like a family workout to start the day.

Baby Mozart

We went to visit our new church for their VBS, and P actually participated! She's usually so timid, especially in large groups of people she doesn't know well, that I was shocked when she volunteered to play!
Her latest game: she gets up on her "stage" and proclaims "More stickers for everybody!"

P's fourth address in under three and a half years, but hopefully this one will stick!

First haircut

Exercising with baby

All snuggly in his brand new hooded bath towel

Baby M was not happy to find himself in this position. So, like a good mom, I snapped a quick picture before I straightened him out.

Oh dear...

The very serious ordeal of the avocado hair treatment

Who has time for sleeves and snaps? Not this kid!

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