raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

our little girl: 26 months

I'm sure it won't shock anyone to hear that P has gotten even more amazing over the last month. Some new developments:

She can sing her ABCs all the way through (when she wants to), and is starting to recognize letters, too. So far she knows A, B, C, O, P, and few others sometimes. It's kind of hit or miss with most of them!

I have to remind myself regularly that she's only 26 months old and doesn't need to be potty trained yet! She is physically ready - she usually tells us she needs a diaper change before she goes potty, but she has very little interest in going in her potty chair. Every now and then we'll get a few drops out of her, but then she decides she is done. We'll put a diaper on her, and five minutes later it will be soaked!

One of the sad developments...she is starting to say more words correctly. I know this is a good thing, but she just seems so much more grown up when she says "banana" instead of "babana" or "living room" instead of "vivivoom."

The transition from crib to toddler bed was smooth and seamless. We were going to start out with naps in the bed and nighttime in the crib, but after the first nap, she would have no more of her crib. She's even really good about staying in bed most of the time. Every now and then I'll find a book or toy in the bed with her when I go to get her up from her nap, and she was wearing a tutu at the end of nap the other day that she was not wearing when she laid down. Other than that, I haven't had to chase her back very often!

"Mommy" is slowly ceasing to exist, as all requests and questions are now being directed to Baby. "Come here, Baby!" "I want to snuggle with Baby." "Does Baby want to read a book?" I hope she's as excited about Baby when Baby actually makes an appearance!

We had a girls' date night at McDonalds one night while Daddy was gone and Mommy was sick of being at home!

P loved helping put her toddler bed together!

This is what she wore to church one day this month. I got her to put pants underneath, so I was happy.

Discovering the joy of the feather duster. Mommy likes this version of playing.

This girl loves broccoli. She requested it for a bedtime snack one night and again for lunch the next day. I'm not about to say no to that! 

We had to get outside one last time to play in the snow before it all disappeared. It was actually over 40 degrees when this picture was taken. The boots and snow pants were more to keep her dry when she waded through the melted snow than to keep her warm. The hat and mittens came off shortly after this picture was taken.

P loves "working." Maybe she can write her next update.

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