raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Thursday, March 6, 2014

top ten thursday: winter

Today's blessing:
A warm, comfortable home

I've decided to start something new and sporadic: Top Ten Thursday. Every Thursday (that I remember/have time/can think of something) I'm going to post a top ten list. Eventually I'd like to switch it to Tuesday, because I think "Top Ten Tuesday" sounds better, but I'm at my computer now and have a few minutes, so you're going to get Top Ten Thursday this week! I actually started this particular post back at the beginning of November, but then life happened and it got put on the back burner!

I love winter. I really do. And that's a good thing, because there is a whole lot of it where I live! For us, it would be more appropriate if the groundhog saw his shadow and gave us six more weeks of winter in mid-March. My family's winter adventure of the day: getting the car out of the driveway. No joke. Here's how it started:

Fun, right?

What you can't see is that:
1. The snow actually surrounds the car; it's not just piled up against the driver's door.
2. As we discovered once we finally got the car backed out, there was actually so much snow under the car that it had beached itself. (Is that the right term?) Yeah, the tires weren't actually on the ground.

Turns out that this snow bank wasn't the only obstacle between my husband and his play practice, though. He actually got stuck again at the end of the driveway.

But I digress. I really love winter, and here are my ten favorite things about it, in no particular order:

Hot Chocolate
I can't think of a better beverage when the snow is flying. A shot of Bailey’s might not hurt either, for those of you who are not pregnant or nursing!

Soup is to winter what salad is to summer. Is there anything better on a cold day than grilled cheese and tomato soup? Or chicken soup? Or really any kind of soup?

Nice warm cozy sweaters with chunky turtle necks…so wonderful!

Especially this winter since I've discovered the joy of making (and selling) my own, I love cute hats!

And scarves, too. I got a couple really pretty ones in Thailand a few years ago, and I love showing them off in the winter!

Snow on the Trees
There aren't many things that are prettier than glittering snow clinging to the branches of a tree.

Snow on the Ground
Or the smooth ground after the snow has just fallen...

Snow Swirling Around
Or the flakes dancing in the air!

What a great workout, and you rarely have to worry about getting overheated! Plus, when you're done, you can come inside and drink hot chocolate!

Self explanatory.

Well, there you have it - my first top ten.

Please note: I'm trying to stay positive as we enter our fifth month of winter, especially knowing that we probably have at least a month and a half to go. If you don't like winter, I don't want to hear about it. Help me out and keep things positive by sharing your favorite things about this season!

Cute hats - mine made by me, P's made by our ridiculously talented friend, Kate.

The view from our porch this morning.

The view from our porch at supper time.

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