raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Sunday, September 15, 2013

homegirl economics: intro

Today's blessing:
Social media.

Sometimes I don't know where I would be without facebook or Pinterest. One day I was looking for this photo shoot I had seen on Pinterest and thought I pinned, but did not. So I put something out on facebook. Within seven minutes, I had it pinned. These places are where I get some of my favorite recipes, cutest craft projects, and best "home keeping" advice. Social media is also where I got the title for this little series I'm going to be working on over the next year. Thanks to my cousin J and my mom for the title idea via facebook; hugs for both of you!

Friends, the world is at our fingertips.

For the next year, my little family is on an adventure. My husband has to do a year long internship as part of his schooling, and we went all out. We packed up our one bedroom apartment in the suburbs and moved to a four bedroom rambler in the country so he could work with Prairie Star Ministries, a six-point parish that spans four counties in the middle of rural farmland.

Then began the internal struggle for me: do I find a job? Long story short, we decided that it wouldn't be worth it to pay for daycare and gas (it's nearly 20 miles to the nearest town with potential employment) for me to work a $9.00 an hour job. Because really, what other places would hire me for less than a year? I know it's not what Dave Ramsey would do, but we did it anyways. (We do put a lot of stock in what Dave says. He's got it right. However, right now, we decided it's more important for me to spend a year raising our daughter than bringing in a couple extra dollars.)

Then began my quest to save money other places. I'm doing things that I wouldn't be able to do if I were working full time. I'm doing more meal planning, less driving, more canning, more cloth diapering, changing laundry habits, and, in general, feeling better about the way we're living. Obviously I won't be able to completely make up for lost income, but I feel better knowing that I'm doing my part.

This new series, Homegirl Economics, will share those experiences.


  1. I am in a similar situation with finding a job - it wouldn't be worth it around here - the cost of childcare for 3 littles would be much more than I could make for now. I am interested to keep reading and see what things you do to save some extra money - I probably do similar :)

  2. Oh,did I come in second place?? I'll collect my hug in a couple weeks! Who is that dog with Paige?