raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Today's blessings:
All of the following people and probably many more who I have forgotten (I'm sorry!):

For donating boxes (or offering to donate boxes):
Mark and Heidi
Scott and LuAnne
The custodians at the Northern Dakota County Service Center
The Hein family

For braving the heat to help us on truck loading day:
Kate and Mike
Tom and Julie
Grammy and Ong Noi

For providing me with delicious caffeine in the form of a Pumpkin White Mocha on moving day:

For braving the heat again to help us unload the truck:
Our future friends from Prairie Star. The only people I remember are Mark, Brian, Spencer, Scott, Rachel, and Sophie, but there were more, and they were amazing!

For lending us a trailer when we realized that our truck was far too small:

For taking time away from your own move to drive the trailer to us:
Ugly sister

For just plain old being awesome:
Both of our families
Pretty much everyone else we know

In addition to being awesome, thanks to my mom for providing ingredients for and helping me make freezer meals. Thank you for helping me pack the kitchen and bedroom. We haven't had a single broken item so far, and the kitchen is completely unpacked. Without your help, I probably would have stood in the middle of our home, spun around in a few circles, then sat down and cried. Also, thanks for getting me away from the moving madness for a few days.

To my in-laws (in addition to the aforementioned awesomeness), thank you for taking P so much in the last week so Husband and I had uninterrupted work time. Thank you for allowing me to raid your kitchen when mine was in boxes, and thank you for my year's supply of flour, sugar, and rice. (I believe I got that apostrophe right, because it is the supply of the year. Correct?) Thank you for driving our second vehicle down to us in the extreme heat with no air conditioning.

To everyone else who sent us prayers, positive thoughts, and encouraging words: We cannot thank you enough. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and we are so excited to discover what this next year is going to bring.

Coming soon:
A virtual tour of our new home
My moving tips

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  1. You are very welcome! I'm so glad (relieved) that nothing was broken, too!