raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Sunday, July 21, 2013

challenges of one bedroom and other random sunday morning thoughts

Today's blessing:
Relaxing mornings

As a future pastor's wife, I realize that the number of relaxed Sunday mornings in my future is dwindling very quickly. This is why I've decided to enjoy them as much as possible while I still can. Normally, I would enjoy a relaxing morning by sleeping in. However, my body has conspired against me and decided that, even though I don't need to be awake at 6:15 on a Sunday morning, that's what it is used to. Curse that whole "creature of habit" thing. I tried to fight it for a good 45 minutes, but I lost. So I figured I might as well get up and make some coffee.

Now, here's the real issue when it comes to being up early. Most people would think "That's great! You can be so productive without a small child hanging on your legs and constantly requesting marshmallows or crackers or holding out her little hand to you and saying 'walk?' (Because how can you say no to that?) You can put away last night's dishes, or make a gourmet breakfast, or just sit and read the newspaper or catch up on e-mails and twitter (follow me @littlered1618 - shameless plug!) while peacefully sipping your coffee."

Not so much. Our current apartment is basically a bedroom, a bathroom, and one giant room containing kitchen, dining room, and living room. I love it - it's wonderful to be able to be working in the kitchen and still have a straight view to the living room and a child. However, since the one bedroom is monopolized by husband and I, that leaves limited options when it comes to baby. So we blocked off a corner of the living room, set up a  pretty purple curtain, and created an impromptu bedroom. It really is a fantastic use of a small space, and it's worked out remarkably well. Except when she sleeps.

I can do quiet things like sweep and straighten, but vacuuming, dishes, cooking or baking, and most other household chores are off limits. Usually I go sit in the bedroom and fold laundry, crochet, or waste time on the computer, which is obviously what I'm doing now. And you know what? I feel quite relaxed and ready to face the day. Yesterday at this time I was about 11 miles into my 13 mile run, so I think that was enough early morning productivity for one weekend!

The little one is starting to stir, and I still have half a cup of coffee to finish off, so I guess that means I'm done writing for now. What are you doing with your Sunday?

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