raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

thankful day thirty two

Today's blessing:
My puppy.

I guess she's not exactly a puppy anymore - she's five years old. I can't quite believe I never had a dog before her. What did I do before she came to greet me every time I came home from work? When I was pregnant (before I knew I was pregnant) and I didn't feel well, I would lay on the couch and she would snuggle right up to my stomach. Her warmth always made me feel better.

She doesn't like it when we leave. Whenever we get out the suitcases to go somewhere, she either lays inside the suitcase or sits on our clothes so we can't pack.

She's such a snuggler. Husband and I agreed when we got her (mostly because I put my foot down) that she would not come in bed with us. At that time, he left for work at a ridiculous hour. After he left for work, guess who started to become my snuggle buddy. I just couldn't resist. She'll crawl under the covers and just snuggle right up to you. Someone shared this image with me shortly before the baby was born:

Let me just say...we were well prepared for this, because a little white dog has been sleeping in those positions on our bed for nearly five years now.

I could go on about why my puppy is awesome, but it's getting late and I have a puppy to snuggle with before bed.

What's the best thing that your pet brings to your life?

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