raising a mommy

raising a mommy

Friday, February 8, 2013

thankful day thirty four

Today's blessing:
Letting go of perfectionism.

Tomorrow is my baby girl's first birthday. Of course, I want it to be the perfect day, and I want to throw her the perfect party. Because she'll remember it and resent me forever if I don't.

However...I'm going to make excuses. I fully realize that there are people who do a whole lot more than I do and who are much busier than I am. But that doesn't make me any less busy. It's hard to work full time (though what a blessing that I've been able to pick up the extra shifts the last couple weeks!) and come home to a baby, often with a husband who doesn't get home until after 7:30, depending on what time his basketball practice ends. (He coaches 10th grade girls. Crazy? Probably.) It's hard to be productive when you have a very energetic baby to tend to. Add to that the fact that her "bedroom" is in our big main room, so things like doing dishes and vacuuming don't work so well after she goes to bed, and, well...the result is a less than pristine home.

But I don't have to have a perfectly clean home in order to host a fun gathering. I don't have to have seven different vegetable options and three flavors of potato chips. And I don't have to have a cake shaped like a monkey face in order for P to enjoy it. Though it would be cute, wouldn't it?

This little girl is raising a mommy who is not afraid to invite people into her imperfect, though always loving home. And that is a wonderful thing!

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